Tunes Designed to Thrill

Around April my hard drive imploded, and my entire 500GB music library disappeared. But what the hell, I said. It was old. It was bloated. I had the complete Black Sabbath discography, of which only 1/4 was listenable. I now have the opportunity to build up an all-new library of sweet tunes, and I'm going to Tumblr about it.

I wish I was driving to Houston soon so I could bump this for a couple hours. Highlight: 2 Chainz verse is cut for a Toro y Moi interlude

Now available worldwide on iTunes

Josephine Effect [Produced by Lenkemz]
Pulla Stunt [Produced by Mike Dextro]

Busta Rhymes - Ima Lead [Produced by Zebra Katz]
Y I DO [Produced by Jepordise]
Drk World [Produced by Triple Six Sound Club]

Blk Wiccan [Produced by Paul Devro]
Drk Binder [Produced by Triple Six Sound Club]
LST CTRL [Produced by Mike Dextro]
Alone Now (Cover) [Produced by Mike Dextro]

W2TDS [Produced by Touch]
3rd Dgre [Produced by Deville]

Last Name, Katz [Produced by Mike Dextro]

Special Thanks to:
Busta Rhymes
Nick Hook
L-Vis 1990
Leon Kelly
Gil x Justin || Byronesque

Album Artwork: Federico Cabrera

Batman’s batman

Lord Cry Cry- Blind Lightnin’ Floor

I’m starting a garden with Amy. It’s a thing to do while I figure out how to be home again. More to the point, holy shit @this video =0

Zebra Katz- Ima Read (Ft. Njena Reddd Foxxx)

I’ve re-watched this upwards of 20 times. I think it’s something about that fat beat that makes me feel like I can do anything, even college. 

Jai Paul- BTSTU

Dan Reeder- Havana Burning

Biting satire in true John Prine folk fashion. He’s an artist by trade, but he records his albums using homemade instruments and recording equipment because “there are some things you can’t paint.” Listen his entire bandcamp collection. You won’t regret it.

Raleigh Moncrief- Lament For Morning

I am going to drive to this later today, it is a plan.